Paul Greene: SEC Has Many Offices

The Securities and Exchange Commission, as known by Paul Greene and SEC experts, is divided up into many offices, 26 in total, each one with a specific set of responsibilities and crucial to the regulatory agency’s function and success. These 26 offices, when combined, employ over 3500 dedicated people, and afford the organization the opportunity to carry out its duties with efficiency.

Paul Greene and SEC experts recognize the need for the SEC to be as effective and efficient as possible, particularly due to its role in protecting investors and providing financial market oversight. With such departments as the Office of General Counsel, Office of the Chief Accountant, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, Office of Credit Ratings, Office of International Affairs, the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and many more, the SEC is adequately equipped to handle most, if not all, problems that comes its way.

Paul Greene and SEC experts know that SEC personnel work tirelessly to see that every investor has the resources they need to make better-informed decisions regarding investments in the securities industry. By maintaining such a broad and extensive network of departments, as well as an extensive team of SEC professionals, the Securities and Exchange Commission is able to cope with the many complexities of financial markets, and to protect the American investor with an abundance of knowledge, information and analysis.

Both Paul Greene and SEC experts want people to know exactly how indispensable the commission is to the health of the economy, and the regulation of the modern day financial markets.


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