Paul Greene: SEC Division of Enforcement

The SEC Division of Enforcement, as Paul Greene and SEC experts know, is more or less the teeth of the agency; the division designated to enforce the law by pursuing securities-related investigations, making recommendations on enforcement actions and ultimately prosecuting securities law violators. The SEC, after all, is a law enforcement organization, and requires one of its arms to carry out justice in the name of the law.

The Division of Enforcement, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, seeks out and secures evidence of potential SEC violations, working through multiple sources to obtain the proof needed to successfully prosecute individuals and organizations that are in violation of current securities law. Relying on investor complaints and tips, agency-sanctioned surveillance of the markets, media reports, other SEC divisions, self-regualtory organizations and more, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, the division collects and analyzes evidence of possible infractions.

Paul Greene and SEC experts also realize that every investigation the SEC performs is done privately, the intention being to allow for the fullest time extent possible to collect information, evidence and data to build the most effective case. The SEC works hard to question and secure witnesses, analyze evidence, review data, perform a formal inquiry into the matter and more. Paul Greene and SEC experts know that SEC professionals take their role as law enforcer seriously, and are committed to the pursuit of justice during each investigation and prosecution. The careful execution of this responsibility, as they know, is crucial to the maintenance of a healthy, strong and well-functioning financial marketplace.


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