Paul Greene: SEC Web Posting Priorities

The effective dissemination of public information is one of the primary functions of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which, through the agency website, works to get info to the public as quickly as possible. Paul Greene and SEC Experts understand that the agency has created a prioritized list of the way they release this information on the site, ensuring that investors have the information they need to make the best possible decisions.

Before the arrival of the Internet, as Paul Greene and SEC experts realize, the SEC had developed and instituted EDGAR, or the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system, in order to best disseminate information to the public. With the advent of the web, as well as the SEC website, the EDGAR system is now available at the investor’s fingertips, making useful and timely information ready for instant retrieval by anyone.

Information that is both time sensitive and urgent, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, is the first priority of the agency, which is generally posted to the website within minutes of receipt. The second informational priority of the agency involves info that is time sensitive only. This info is usually posted on the site within an hour after the agency receives it. Information that is heavily requested by members of the public, as Paul Greene and SEC experts understand, is typically made available on the site the same day of receipt, while all other information deemed useful by the agency is posted within a 24 hour time period.


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