Paul Greene: An SEC Introduction

Paul Greene and SEC experts would like to introduce the public to the primary purpose of the SEC, which is to provide protection to the investor while working towards a stable, fair, efficient and effective financial marketplace. They understand how important it is to recognize exactly what it is that the SEC does, as well as how essential it is to have the agency in place and actively pursuing the public’s best interests.

Paul Greene and SEC experts want everyone to know that the agency is divided into five respective divisions, each with the purpose of implementing the agency’s mission through specifically designated responsibilities. They would also like to convey that the agency is composed of 23 offices, located in both Washington DC and in areas across the country. The agency, as they know, is comprised of over 3500 loyal and dedicated public servants, each sworn to uphold current securities laws and to enforce them to the best of their ability.

As Paul Greene and SEC experts understand, the agency is a highly-beneficial regulatory agency with the mission of making the securities markets as safe and secure for the American investor as possible. Each SEC division is anointed with certain responsibilities that carry out this mission, and keep the investor informed on the basic facts of publicly traded companies, as well as the status of Exchange, brokerages, advisors, independent brokers and private industry regulators. Paul Greene and SEC experts are believers in the idea that agencies like the SEC are not only necessary, but also an essential part of a healthy and functioning national economy, one that needs to stay competitive in the global marketplace.


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