Paul Greene on SEC Organization

The SEC is comprised of a nonpartisan-based commission, the members of which are all appointed by the President of the United States. As Paul Greene and SEC officials know, the commission is led by a Chairman, which is designated by the President and which leads the five person group during the decision-making process.

Paul Greene and SEC officials are also aware of the five basic responsibilities of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which cover a broad gamut of important duties that pertain to the regulation of the securities industry. These responsibilities include the interpretation and enforcement of federal securities laws, the issuing of new rules and the amending of existing rules, oversight of the inspection of investment advisors, brokers and ratings agencies, the oversight of private regulatory organizations within the accounting, securities and auditing fields, and the coordination of United States securities regulation with state, federal and foreign agencies.

Every meeting the SEC holds, as Paul Greene and SEC officials are aware, are generally open to both the news media and the public, unless the meeting pertains to confidential subjects relating to an enforcement investigation. Paul Greene and SEC officials know that the SEC is focused on transparency, and hopes to inform and educate the public on matters pertaining to investment and securities, and to make publicly traded company information available and public.

Paul Greene and SEC professionals also understand that the organization is divided into five divisions, 23 offices and is staffed by over 3500 people. Each member of the SEC is committed to protecting the investor, and ensuring a free and open marketplace.


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