Paul Greene on SEC Regulation: Necessary to Maintain Fairness

Paul Greene and SEC professionals are committed to the need for financial market regulation, and believe that the only way to maintain a healthy, strong and enduring economy is by enforcing existing laws that protect investors.

Paul Greene and SEC experts understand that the flow of investor information should be free and open, helping to ensure that every potential and existing investor has access to a marketplace based on fairness and honesty. Government officials that work for the SEC work diligently to see that everything runs soundly and smoothly, and that American investors are protected and secure even during turbulent times. Both Paul Greene and SEC professionals want a transparent and efficient financial system, one where information is always available to either the interested and/or serious investment professional.

The disclosure of market-related information helps everyone throughout the United States make better, more informed investment decisions. Participation in the financial markets should be free of fraud, and should fall under existing legalities. Paul Greene and SEC professionals desire to have investment market information and knowledge open and available to anyone looking to participate in a system based on the principles of honesty, straightforwardness and the free flow of credible information. Knowledge of how the system works, as well as a public company’s accountability, are extremely vital to making the best investment decisions possible.

Paul Greene and SEC professionals believe that basic facts about every publicly traded company should be out in the open and ready for investor analysis. This helps to ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to decide what investments are best suited for their needs.


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