Paul Greene: SEC Means Variety

A plethora of informational resources are available through both numerous SEC offices across the country, as well as the SEC website. This, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, translates into a powerful, accessible and convenient way for investors across the country to get the info, data and analysis needed to make the best educated and informed decisions.

Paul Greene and SEC experts know that you may have a variety of questions, concerns or problems concerning either an upcoming or past financial investment, particularly in the securities industry. Though, as they know, there are multiple lucrative opportunities for investment in the financial markets, they are also aware of the many dangers and risks involved with making a financial commitment. They strive to recommend the Securities and Exchange Commission as the number one resource of basic investment advice, as well as a resource for those with a question or complaint about a past or future investment.

Knowledgeable in SEC practices and resources, Paul Greene and SEC experts want everyone to have the same opportunity to make a wise and well-informed investment. Now, more than ever, people are choosing the securities market as a way to build a strong financial future for their families, which is why Paul Greene and SEC experts want to emphasize the importance of the SEC as a regulatory and informational federal agency. They want you to know that you do, in fact, have access to a valuable ally, one sworn to uphold the law and public interest while protecting investors throughout the country.


Paul Greene: SEC Investor Advocate

One of the staunchest advocates of the modern day American investor is the Securities and Exchange Commission, a federal regulatory and enforcement agency designed to serve the investor with information and analysis. Paul Greene and SEC experts recognize the SEC as an Investor Advocate, a group constantly working for a stronger and healthier economy through investor protection and market regulation.

Paul Greene and SEC experts believe that investor advocacy, really sincere and genuine support of the investor’s right to know, comes from the dedication and expertise of people who work in concert to deliver the most accurate and timely information available. As supporters of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Paul Greene and SEC experts tout the continued success of one of America’s most important regulatory institutions, one with an unwavering resolve to enforce securities law and to protect the investor with whatever it takes.

Paul Greene and SEC experts know how integral the SEC is to the success of the national economy, which is why they work to educate people on the value and service the Commission really provides the American public. Their hope is to get more people interested and involved in what the SEC does, how helpful the organization is, and how important it is to the future of the investing community and the economy.

For Paul Greene and SEC professionals, great service requires commitment and resolve, as well as the expertise necessary to perform your responsibilities with efficiency and effectiveness. The SEC ensures that you, the investor, will always have someone on your side, and watching your back.

Paul Greene: SEC Careers

Like any other large and complex federal regulatory agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission is in constant need of people to fill its ranks. The SEC, as Paul Greene and SEC professionals are aware, is always in need of people ready, willing and able to commit themselves to a rewarding public service career, one that will allow the individual the opportunity to serve their fellow citizens while playing an important role in the fight against corruption, fraud and financial malfeasance.

Paul Greene and SEC professionals understand that a professional career with the SEC can be extremely meaningful, challenging and exciting, presenting the aspiring public servant with multiple chances to gain valuable and memorable experiences while fulfilling a vital and crucial public need. Paul Greene and SEC experts suggest the commission as a great opportunity for people to make a real difference for both the national economy and the community, and to work alongside people who share their passion for investor and market protection.

Paul Greene and SEC experts know that a career within the Securities and Exchange Commission allows individuals to be active in the future of the investing community, the chance to give investors the information they need to make the investments that help the national economy perform well and competitively.

Paul Greene and SEC experts believe that a career with the SEC may be right for you. If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding career, one that will bring out your best and allow you to effectively demonstrate your talents and your public service passion, the SEC is hiring.

Paul Greene: SEC Has Many Offices

The Securities and Exchange Commission, as known by Paul Greene and SEC experts, is divided up into many offices, 26 in total, each one with a specific set of responsibilities and crucial to the regulatory agency’s function and success. These 26 offices, when combined, employ over 3500 dedicated people, and afford the organization the opportunity to carry out its duties with efficiency.

Paul Greene and SEC experts recognize the need for the SEC to be as effective and efficient as possible, particularly due to its role in protecting investors and providing financial market oversight. With such departments as the Office of General Counsel, Office of the Chief Accountant, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, Office of Credit Ratings, Office of International Affairs, the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and many more, the SEC is adequately equipped to handle most, if not all, problems that comes its way.

Paul Greene and SEC experts know that SEC personnel work tirelessly to see that every investor has the resources they need to make better-informed decisions regarding investments in the securities industry. By maintaining such a broad and extensive network of departments, as well as an extensive team of SEC professionals, the Securities and Exchange Commission is able to cope with the many complexities of financial markets, and to protect the American investor with an abundance of knowledge, information and analysis.

Both Paul Greene and SEC experts want people to know exactly how indispensable the commission is to the health of the economy, and the regulation of the modern day financial markets.

Paul Greene: SEC Division of Economic and Risk Analysis

The SEC Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, is charged with two primary functions, each of which are crucial to the commission’s ongoing regulatory and oversight responsibilities. The first function of the division is supporting the commission through economic analyses that help determine SEC rulemaking and development. The second divisional function involves economic research and analysis, data analytics and risk assessment in order to determine the greatest perceived risks in registrant reviews, litigation and examinations.

Included in some of the division’s basic functions, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, is the analysis of the possible economic effects commission-taken rulemaking and actions. This comprehensive analytical responsibility involves a look into the potential economic impact of the current commission rules, actions taken by the SEC and the need for any future regulatory action.

Next on the list, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, is the performance of comprehensive research as it pertains specifically to risk assessment. This function involves the identification, anticipation and evaluation of risks as they involve market fraud or other illegal or suspect activities throughout the securities market.

Last, but not least, says Paul Greene and SEC experts, is providing assistance to the SEC Division of Enforcement, providing analysis and support during enforcement processes and settlement negotiations.

The list of responsibilities charged to the staff of the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis is extensive, complex and essential to overall SEC function. Each division function ensures the SEC can carry out its mission both responsibly and effectively.

Paul Greene: SEC Division of Corporate Finance

An integral member of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC Division of Corporate Finance is charged with the responsibility of overseeing corporations’ disclosures of important information, particularly that which pertains specifically to the investing community. This division, as Paul Greene and SEC experts understand, seek to make sure that corporations are in full compliance with current disclosure regulations before and during the period when the stock is being sold in the marketplace.

Paul Greene and SEC experts say that the Division of Corporate Finance staff are responsible for routinely reviewing the disclosure documents that corporations provide or have filed. They also help corporations with the interpretation of the SEC rules, and will often times make recommendations to the commission regarding new rules they would like to see adopted.

The documents that the staff of the Division of Corporate Finance regularly review, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, include both quarterly and annual filings, filings that are related to mergers and acquisitions, annual stockholder reports, newly-offered securities registration statements, documents that pertain to tender offers, and proxy materials often sent to shareholders before annual meetings. These documents are intended, says Paul Greene and SEC experts, to reveal information about these companies’ current financial status, as well as current business practices, in order to help investors better understand their investment decisions.

Paul Greene and SEC experts fully agree that the Division of Corporate Finance allows the SEC to effectively monitor the status of publicly traded companies, and to give the public an excellent informational resource on which to base future investment decisions.

Paul Greene: SEC Division of Enforcement

The SEC Division of Enforcement, as Paul Greene and SEC experts know, is more or less the teeth of the agency; the division designated to enforce the law by pursuing securities-related investigations, making recommendations on enforcement actions and ultimately prosecuting securities law violators. The SEC, after all, is a law enforcement organization, and requires one of its arms to carry out justice in the name of the law.

The Division of Enforcement, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, seeks out and secures evidence of potential SEC violations, working through multiple sources to obtain the proof needed to successfully prosecute individuals and organizations that are in violation of current securities law. Relying on investor complaints and tips, agency-sanctioned surveillance of the markets, media reports, other SEC divisions, self-regualtory organizations and more, according to Paul Greene and SEC experts, the division collects and analyzes evidence of possible infractions.

Paul Greene and SEC experts also realize that every investigation the SEC performs is done privately, the intention being to allow for the fullest time extent possible to collect information, evidence and data to build the most effective case. The SEC works hard to question and secure witnesses, analyze evidence, review data, perform a formal inquiry into the matter and more. Paul Greene and SEC experts know that SEC professionals take their role as law enforcer seriously, and are committed to the pursuit of justice during each investigation and prosecution. The careful execution of this responsibility, as they know, is crucial to the maintenance of a healthy, strong and well-functioning financial marketplace.